The Bantry and West Cork character is considered the most friendly, helpful, outgoing, quick witted, generous and possessing the gift of unlimited conversation with a great sense of humour.

In this breath-taking splendour of mountain scenery, hilly pastures, meandering streams, lakes and woods, where megalithic monuments and ruins of monastic settlements dot the country-side, visitors can find peace and tranquillity. The landscape is mountainous with parallel ridges running through the various peninsulas to the sea - mainly in a north-east/south-west direction. The rest of the terrain is occupied by valleys, hidden glens, hills, fast running rivers, woods and forests.

Touring routes are numerous and include the breath-taking scenery of the coastal routes around each of the peninsulas, spectacular winding roads through the mountains, cliff-face roadways, and the unrivalled vistas of mountain lakes, waterfalls, fast running rivers, prehistoric monuments, ancient castles and Christian settlements, forts and stately homes with their majestic gardens.